How it works

We represent 10 Toronto artists and 10 Toronto photographers.

They have to be skilled and Torontonian. Simple.

Our 10 artists and 10 photographers are hand-picked for their talent by the team at

We believe that in this day and age of disposability, it’s not easy being an artist. It never has been, but the recent mass of cheap crap ‘art’, at places like Ikea and Homesense have made interiors painfully similar and dull. Yawn.

The recent obsession with bikini-clad lip-injected muppets on Instagram has made people a bit ‘durrr’.

Let’s get over screens for a moment. The walls of your home or workplace are important for your well-being. Let them be fun; let them be live; and let them be original.

This is now possible, and you are paying the artists that made them. This is a Toronto-based art collective that inspires creativity. We pay every artist and photographer on this site for every sale; $100 minimum, per sale. Let’s face it, we all want to get paid for our work.

Artist? Photographer?

If you would like to be included, get in touch quickly before we fill all 20 places. You must have 20 pieces of art, ready to be reproduced by us, and signed by you.