Samantha Blow

Samantha Blow is a mixed-media artist. In August of 2013, Blow decided to pursue her lifelong passion leaving her position of 20 years as the Director of something for a large bank, to launch a full-time career as a professional artist. Today, Blow is represented by two cafes and a part time gallery show as well as here on Her works are collected both nationally and internationally with an odd following in Peru.

Blow is self-taught – inspired by the casual observation of the people and life around her in Toronto. Her work is constantly evolving, guided by her tendency toward patience, observation, perseverance and, quite simply – taking a million shots and editing. Her philosophy embraces ‘trial and error’ always.

With a keen eye for texture, design and composition, coupled with a zany flare from constantly listening to comedy podcasts while working, Blow creates works that are aesthetically engaging while also evoking a visceral response in the viewer.