Toronto gift ideas

20 (lockdown friendly) gift ideas, unique to Toronto.


January, 2021 

100% Toronto, 0% Amazon.
Scroll through all 20. Support Toronto businesses, feel good.

MrPhotoCanvas Toronto

1 (of 20) A custom canvas print, made downtown

$60-$400.   Made in downtown Toronto, by expert digital printers established for ten years. The best value in Toronto for a canvas print, with lockdown GTA delivery.

2 (of 20) An Adobe course, Toronto

$990.   Give someone special the gift of knowledge with a one-on-one course in Adobe Software. Learn to make a podcast, a logo, a video, a photo-montage, a magazine, a web-form, an illustration… basically anything! Courses are two days with an industry professional.

Adobe Training Gift Idea, Toronto

3 (of 20) Canada scratch map from a Cabbage Town gift shop

$30   Show where you’ve been, and inspire where to go next. This delightful scratch map includes all Parks from Niagara Falls to Banff to Prince Edward Island, each with their own decorative artwork. 

4 (of 20) Pilates Class, King West

$120   Spark Pilates, based in King West, Toronto provide an intense full-body workout with minimal impact on the joints. Flow, focus and good breathing techniques. Specializing in 1-1 training in studio or virtually and virtual small group classes.

Toronto gift ideas

5 (of 20) Popcorn

$5 – $165   Locally made in Kensington Market and The Beaches, Toronto. Irresistible. Over 40 flavours including maple bacon flavour. Boxset, boosted. 

 6 (of 20) Chocolate Mmmm

$10-$165   12 Soma bars 12 different stories.
Rare, award winners, limited editions all together in one box. Loads of other options too.

Chocolate made in Toronto
Dogs need love too

7 (of 20) Tripe! From the Toronto “Social club for dogs”

$3+   Lamb tripe has to be the grossest thing avaialble in Toronto. Unless you’re a dog, then it’s heaven. Woof.

8 (of 20) Carbonara meal kit from an excellent Toronto restaurant

$25  This Carbonara kit is available from one of the best restaurants in Toronto.  They offer complete meal kits and paired wines that you could never find at LCBO.

Outer Layer, Toronto

9 (of 20) Tiger King jigsaw from Queen Street

$20   Part of the “pandamic collection” at Outer Layer on Queen Street, this is sure to help through the holidays.

10 (of 20) CHECK! shirt from Lost & Found, Toronto

$215 (yeah not cheap eh).   This bad-boy is a multi panelled flannel from Beams Plus, available at the Lost & Found store on Ossington Ave, and online. 

Lost & Found

11 (of 20) A tattoo gift card

$50+   Chronic Ink has tattoo studios all over the GTA and one in Vancouver. They know what they’re doing… to your loved one.

12 (of 20) Beer

$4.50+   Great beer with lush graphic design, all made in Toronto.  Bellwoods Brewery began in 2012 but here in 2020 it’s also online: cans and bottles delivered to your door, or pick-up on Ossington Ave at their pub. 

Bellwoods Brewery
Book Toronto

13 (of 20) Torontocentric books

$32   If you know an obsessive fan, this might be the book for them. Have a gander at the many Toronto based books from a Toronto based book shop. 

14 (of 20) A very 2020 sweater, from a Toronto trans collective

$40   Dedicated to the disaster that was 2020, this sweater is part of a range from a by-trans-for-trans collective and online shop.

Hoodie from Gender 404
Circular Art, Toronto

15 (of 20) Circluar Artwork from a Toronto artist

$65+  Maybe the best way to mark a bad year is to find the beauty. Toronto artists had more time this year to create. Emily’s art (pictured) is in her online shop, or buy more Toronto art at The One Of A Kind Show online.

16 (of 20) Toronto made bamboo clothes

$20+   Soft, comfy, timeless basics in simple styles and gender-neutral colours. Made from start-to-finish in Toronto.

Kiddie Gear

17 (of 20) A gym mat

$60   When you’re stuck inside, work-out!

This is not strictly a Toronto one. It’ll be replaced soon. But meanwhile… 

Not-leather Gym mat for yoga or any kind of work-out. Folds up (tri-fold) with handles. Phat brand.

18 (of 20) The gift of Zzzz; Dozy Toronto-made mattresses

$300+   Support a Toronto family business, they have your back. Visit the showroom on Spadina or make use of free delivery. Mmm Zzzz. 

19 (of 20) coming soon

Text will be added here once we decide who should be here. If you want to be here, email us (scroll down). All places are $0. We are doing this to support local Toronto businesses. 

20 (of 20) Coming soon

$00   Text will be added here once we decide who should be here. If you want to be here, email us (scroll down). All places are $0. We are doing this to support local Toronto businesses. 

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